Overview Of Warehouse Management System

Our dedicated warehouse management system is designed to drive enhanced visibility across inventory, order management and labor for superior fulfillment. AS well as reducing direct operating costs and increasing overall revenue, WMS can boost perfect order rates, increase labor productivity by up to 40%, and refine shipping accuracy to 5%. Inventory accuracy can be enhanced to over 99%, while reducing inventory by up to 20%.

Key Features

  • Flexible Inbound and Outbound Options
  • Work order
  • Invoice
  • Challan
  • Production Orders
  • Party ledger
  • Wide range of inventory, sales and financial reports
  • Receiving, Put away, Order Processing
  • Picking, Loading & Shipping
  • Inventory Management

Key Benefits

    • Optimized Space and Lower Operating Expenses
    • Increased revenue and margins
    • Traceable Materials
    • Enhanced Billing Management
    • Internal Automation Benefit
    • Inventory Visibility
    • Increase in on-time and accurate order shipment
    • Reduction in damaged and scrapped inventory
    • Improved Relations with Customers and Suppliers
    • Reduction in shipment errors