Overview Of Self Ordering System

A self-order kiosk is a line-busting solution that puts your customers in control of the ordering and payment process. Self-service stations help alleviate wait times as additional counter employees would by keeping the lines moving and sending orders to the kitchen as quickly as possible.Self Order Kiosks are typically considered to be touchscreen computers that allow customers to enter an order into the computer on their own.

Key Features

  • Payment and receipt
  • Management function
  • Order dishes function
  • Interactive and intuitive touchscreen user interface
  • Simple, clean touchscreen available in multiple sizes
  • Intuitive and reliable guidance throughout the session
  • Flexible authentication options for customer convenience
  • Quicker transaction times for many simple operations

Key Benefits

    • Improved Efficiency
    • Increased Quality Control / Consistent Orders
    • Improved Customer Service
    • Improved Customer Experience
    • Save Money on Labor
    • Live Reporting
    • Improved Order Accuracy
    • Reduced Wait Times/Line-Busting