Overview Of Catering Service Automation

With Catering automation, your company is transformed with one holistic integrated end-to-end system. When you're dealing with a larger deliverable and not an individual, you need to make sure your system is unified. Manage your company by staying on top of booking orders, processing orders, menu management and delivery management. With a complete integrated life-cycle that is self-contained, you can be sure everything checks off accordingly.

Key Features

  • Automated Menu Creation
  • Maintain menu control and margins
  • Intuitive stock and sales alert
  • Invoicing Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Barcode Inventory Stock Tracking
  • Order Configuration And Billing
  • Reduced Wastage
  • Online Ordering Portal for Customers
  • Scheduling Management

Key Benefits

    • Reduces Error
    • Reduces Costs
    • Staff Scheduling
    • Better Quality Control
    • Efficiency Boost
    • End-To-End Traceability
    • Automation Betters the Customer Experience
    • Automation Saves Time on Ordering and Paying
    • Inventory management and food waste